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School Partnerships

School Liaison and Transitions

Our Schools Liaison team is ready to inspire and engage with young people about the educational opportunities that further and higher education can offer in both the academic and vocational pathways.

We work in partnership with you to offer impartial advice and guidance to pupils, parents and carers to ensure they are making informed decisions about the best course for their young person and at the right level, ready to set them on the path towards their future career.

Our school liaison activities are wide and varied and include taster days in different subject areas, visits to your school to give talks or presentations, college campus tours so that pupils can get a ‘feel’ for college life, as well as application workshops should they decide to study with us.


This process meets Gatsby Benchmarks and Provider Access legislation.


What We Offer

Application Workshops

Application workshops look to support learners in the initial stages of applying to college. Completing applications can be daunting for pupils, but we are here to help through our bespoke, step-by-step support around the application process.

To request a workshop, please email: or complete the request form found below.
Assembly Visits, Talks or Presentations

We are delighted to attend assemblies to provide an overview of the prospects and benefits of studying at the College, linking to local job opportunities and careers across Liverpool City Region. Pupils can ask questions about courses, careers and the range of learning options and support on offer. We can also focus talks on particular topics, such as apprenticeships, T-levels, college life or higher education/degrees and foundation degrees available at college.

To request a visit, please email: or complete the request form found below.
College Campus Tours

We believe it’s important that young people learn more about our first-class resources – which in many vocational subjects, mimic the facilities found in real-world environments. Campus tours across our five city centre sites can be customised to meet the specific needs of prospective learners. These tours are an opportunity for young people to see what college life is like and familiarise themselves with a college environment.

To request a visit, please email: or complete the request form found below.
Personal Guidance Interviews

Face-to-face interviews with our friendly, fully qualified careers advisors provide learners with an informal environment where they can relax and talk through their options. Parents and carers are also welcome to attend.

Personal guidance interviews are available each Tuesday between 4.30 – 6.30pm and every day during half terms.


Provision for 14-16-year-old

Working in partnership with schools or local authorities, The City of Liverpool College offers provision for 14-16-year-old pupils. The young person is then dual registered with both college and their original school so they can complete GCSEs at school, while getting a taste of college life through a vocational course with us. The school retains overall responsibility for the pupil’s education, whilst the college reports back on attendance, engagement and progression.

We offer 14-16 provision in a wide range of subject areas including construction, digital, engineering, hair and beauty, health and social care, sport and vehicle repair. Please see our application and information guide for further details.

To discuss your needs, please email: or complete the request form found below.


School Careers Fairs/Events

If your school is hosting a careers fair/event, parents evening or GCSE/A-level options day, please get in touch. We are pleased to provide advice and guidance about all courses and vocational routes offered at The City of Liverpool College, including support around how to apply.

To request a visit, please email: or complete the request form found below.
Taster Sessions

We would be happy to arrange bespoke taster sessions for your school at any of our five college campuses, which include hands-on, interactive experiences of both academic and vocational courses – see details below for course curriculum run at each centre:

The Arts Centre (L7 7JA

  • Creative Arts and Fashion
  • Digital Academy
  • Expressive Arts and Media Academy

Clarence Street (L3 5TP)

  • Sixth Form and Professional Studies (A-level; GCSE; BTEC)

Duke Street (L1 5BG)

  • Apprenticeships
  • Catering, Bakery, Hospitality
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Travel & Tourism

Learning Exchange, Roscoe Street (L1 9DW)

  • Apprenticeships
  • Health and Social Care, including T-levels;
  • Sports and Uniformed Public Services;

Vauxhall Road (L3 6BN)

  • Apprenticeships
  • Engineering and Logistics
  • Sustainable Construction and Building Services
To request a taster session, please email: or complete the request form found below.
Widening Access to University Study

The City of Liverpool College is proud to work in close partnership with Shaping Futures (part of the Office for Students’ Uni Connect Programme). 

As a partnership of twelve local providers of Higher Education (HE), Shaping Futures is committed to ensuring learners, parents, teachers and advisers are fully equipped to better understand the HE landscape, to access outreach locally and to support learners with the HE decision making process.

Our funded projects at The City of Liverpool College include taster activities and information sessions that support learners interested in college-based pathways to university level study. We also have current University Centre students working as Career Coaches, supporting younger learners in their decision making and applications.  

For more information, contact or visit the Shaping Futures Hub: