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Learning Resource Centres

Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) are quiet spaces where you can catch up with your study, especially if it can get busy at home. They have a range of textbooks, journals and e-resources available related to your course and a knowledgeable team on hand to help you find what you need.

LRCs house more than one hundred computers across all college centres, each equipped with Internet access and Office 365, and you can book computer time in advance – even from home!

All college LRCs have access to WiFi and charging ports for portable devices, such as phones and laptops, and they sell a wide range of stationery items – such as pens, paper and USB sticks – so you need never run out of your basic study essentials!

Opening hours are Mon – Thurs 8.30-7.00pm, Fri 8.30-3.00pm and Saturday 10.00-3.00pm.