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We’re celebrating Colleges Week!


We’re celebrating National Colleges Week, 26 Feb – 01 March 2024, to showcase the incredible work colleges do up and down the country.

The theme for Colleges Week this year is on influencing, engaging, and celebrating and we’re excited to be supporting this campaign throughout the week.

With a general election looming, 2024 is set to be a defining year for the country and for the further education sector. Whoever the next government is, we want to make sure they are focussed on ensuring colleges play an even bigger role in an inclusive, tolerant, welcoming, strong society and a growing and productive economy.

During the week, we caught up with members of our Students’ Union (SU) team to talk about their engagement with the student body, how the upcoming general election will have an impact on the work they do, and where their ongoing activities link in with this year’s Colleges Week theme.

Influencing – Sleiman Darwish – Students’ Union President and Student Governor

“My role as SU President and a Student Governor has given me the ability and opportunity to work with students to influence college life in a positive way through listening to students’ feedback and opinions and sharing this with others to make a positive change.

“I’m able to meet regularly with the Vice Principal, be a part of some board of governors meetings, and we also run the student rep conference to make sure students voices are heard and are able to influence change in the College.

“As part of the student parliament team, we gather feedback and ideas that I bring to senior management on behalf of students, which makes them aware of students’ opinions, challenges and how to help overcome them.

“We meet with other students each month at SU parliament meetings to gather feedback, plan celebratory events, and  make sure these are diverse and inclusive for all students from all backgrounds so that everyone feels represented throughout the College and in the classroom.

“With the general election coming up later this year, we are looking to offer advice and information to students on the importance of registering to vote, to ensure that their voices can be heard. Being a part of shaping these kinds of conversations is something that I’m really grateful for, and I’m glad that we can pass on students’ thoughts and ideas to help make a difference.”

Celebrating – Maria Stoica – Learning Exchange Vice President

We celebrate students in many ways, such as our celebratory cultural events. For example, I was involved in arranging Romanian national day, which we had never celebrated before in college. Events to involve all students are such a good idea to meet other students, make new friends, and learn about other people’s cultures. The events we arrange are always very successful and result in lots of engagement with students and staff, that creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

“The SU also takes produces a termly student bulletin that our student body can contribute to. We also focus on celebrating events, achievements and successes of all students. Sharing success stories between students, such as class projects, fundraisers, trips and achievements is just one of the ways we love to share and engage in celebrating each other in our college community.”

Engaging – Lanya Osman – Students’ Union Vice President

“As SU Vice President, I think we engage really well with the students. We have a big population in college across many campuses, and we find that students love engaging with us as we have a big presence in college and are there for support.

“The SU have a big presence at all college centres, making us a focal point for students to find information about events, clubs, societies, trips, or even speak to a member of the team to ask for help, or to be signposted to other internal services. 

“I’m really proud of the work that we do within the SU and that we are able to be there for all students to help enrich their journey at the College. With this year being such a key year for colleges to make their opinions heard, it’s now more important than ever for us to engage with students across college to gather opinions, feedback and to ensure that student voices are shared and listened to affect positive change within the sector.”


Photo L:R Maria; Sleiman; Lanya

We’re celebrating National Apprenticeship Week!
This week is National Apprenticeship Week (5-11 Feb 2024) which brings together businesses and apprentices from across the country to shine a light on the positive impact apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

We’ve launched our National Apprenticeship Week celebrations with a catch-up with 17-year-old Dylan McArdle, one of our amazing apprentice chefs. Dylan started his journey at the College back in October, and has gone from strength to strength, working alongside top culinary experts in the Alba, a popular family-run restaurant on the outskirts of the city. Dylan takes us through a typical fast-paced working day in the kitchen and tells us why an apprenticeship was the right fit for him.


Dylan McArdle – Apprentice Commis Chef (Level 2)

What made you want to go into the culinary industry? Have you always wanted to be a chef? 

‘I’ve always been a very creative person however, being a chef was never really a career prospect of mine until I was introduced to the possibilities of the culinary industry when I started working at Alba. The passion of the other chefs towards the trade and the intricate work I observed going into it really spiked my interest, and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to pursue it.’ 

What is it like working in the Alba? 

‘Alba is a very relaxed working environment which was perfect for me just starting out, beginning my career in a family-run business created a strong support system which really assisted me and continues to do so as I progress. However, it also never fails to push and encourage me to take work to exceptional standards, which will be very beneficial as I continue my career.’ 

Why did you choose an apprenticeship? 

‘I chose an apprenticeship as it offers the combination of practical and theoretical learning, which is perfect, as it allows me to express my work in new and creative ways, as I learn the classic techniques of the culinary world. I’m also able to grow my talents and knowledge at a young age, whilst making a wage.’ 

What are the benefits of your apprenticeship? 

‘My apprenticeship is full of exciting new opportunities that I wouldn’t get otherwise, I’m able to work with exceptional chefs in different environments and have been given opportunities – such as competitions and working private dinners – that have opened my eyes to lots of different paths I could take in the future.’ 

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others? 

‘An apprenticeship opens you up to opportunities and experiences that normal education wouldn’t necessarily provide. An apprenticeship is perfect for those wanting to pursue their interests in the working world whilst still being in education, where they can gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of their field.’ 

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? 

‘After completing my apprenticeship, I only want to go up in the industry and hopefully landing a position in a high end kitchen with the title of sous chef or executive chef.’

Adam Franklin – Owner, Alba Restaurant

We also had the opportunity to chat with Adam Franklin, owner of the Alba Restaurant in Melling. We asked Adam why he feels apprenticeships are important to the success of the hospitality industry.

‘As a hospitality business, we are approached by lots of young people looking for a part-time job as they are interested in our industry. We believe formalising that on-the-job training and allowing the apprentice to take on the College experience is really helpful, and provides a great platform to progress in our industry. We benefit greatly from the experience our apprentices gain when they are at college. 

‘Our industry is a meritocracy. Success comes through hard work and dedication to the craft – an apprenticeship provides the gateway to our industry that gives structure to the training needs. 

‘I think lots of employers would benefit from the structure an apprenticeship scheme offers, to help develop and monitor the progress of young people.’♦


Credit: Alba Restaurant & Bar                                                                                   Adam Franklin credit: Knowsley Chamber

Loudspeaker visits The City of Liverpool College

Our 14-19 year-old students were in for a real treat in December when they attended a series of action-packed workshop run by Loudspeaker.

Loudspeaker is an incredible organisation dedicated to helping young people to develop their confidence and resilience in a fun and accessible way. The workshops were interactive, exciting and, most importantly, dealt with the real-world issues that our young people face every day.

Student feedback highlighted the amazing buzz they felt in the room which they didn’t want to end. Thank you to everyone involved and the spectacular Loudspeaker team!

For a glimpse of the sessions and to hear the impact they had on our students, watch the video below:

College of Sanctuary

Liverpool is proud to be a city that celebrates the contribution of those who come here for safety. It has a rich cultural heritage and for generations, has offered a home to people fleeing persecution from around the world. In 2012, Liverpool started its City of Sanctuary movement and the City of Liverpool college is proud to be joining this movement by becoming a College of Sanctuary.

Sharing our Pledge


Our pledge 

The City of Liverpool College supports the ‘City of Sanctuary’ vision that the UK will be a welcoming place of safety for all, offering sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution. We endorse the City of Sanctuary Charter and agree to act in accordance with City of Sanctuary values and apply the network principles within our work (as far as our specific context enables us to).

The City of Liverpool College has been welcoming and working with refugees and asylum seekers for many years and recognises the contribution of people seeking sanctuary. We are proud to share the values and commitment to social justice of the Colleges of Sanctuary and believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone. We understand that displacement due to war and conflict can be an extremely traumatic experience for individuals, families, and communities, we therefore engage with trauma informed practices and inclusive pedagogies, and our student services ensure that sanctuary seekers have the tools they need to thrive.

Sanctuary seekers are included and supported within our context. The college is always seeking ways that we can further break down barriers, raise awareness about the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers, increase understanding and build community cohesion. We expect our partners and stakeholders to support the college and local City of Sanctuary groups where they exist.

The College is committed to building and continuing this work both within the region and nationally, acting as an adviser and ambassador for organisations across the country. We are willing for our organisation’s name to be added to a list of supporters of City of Sanctuary, linked to our website. We are also willing to be contacted by City of Sanctuary with further ideas for how we can turn our support into practical action and to discuss ways we might work together to promote the vision further.

What this means for us

Over the years, the college has worked closely with sanctuary seekers and ensured that the college environment is safe, caring, and supportive for all. We want to build a community in which all members have a basic appreciation and understanding of the people with whom they share their lives. This includes developing understanding of the experiences of new arrivals, visitors, migrant workers and students as well as people whose families have lived here for generations, continuously identifying ways in which we might be able to support them and make them feel welcome.

We will further develop understandings of trauma informed approaches that can support many of our staff and students who identify as asylum seekers and refugees as they might have experienced multiple traumas, cultural and geographical dislocation. Staff will also develop greater expertise in understanding how they can support their learners in overcoming language barriers and wider social disadvantages.

We are looking forward to working together in extending our current provision, growing community partnerships and planning for ways in which we can meet the needs of all of our students.


Eurovision 2023 News

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest was the first time in 25 years that the UK has staged the event, which was hailed as a triumph for Liverpool, who hosted Saturday’s biggest music festival on behalf of war-torn Ukraine.

Our amazing students and staff were involved in a whole host of exciting activities throughout Eurovision 2023, details of which can be found below.

Now live: Ukraine meets Liverpool

Our Ukrainian students and staff were interviewed about life at the College, their experiences of Liverpool and the preparation for Eurovision in May 2023. Our Media department brought the images and recordings together in a short film.

Our very own Ukrainian staff and students are the stars of the video, which is dedicated to Ukraine, Eurovision and Liverpool. The images and recordings were brought together  by our media department into a fantastic piece of work that is testament to how much the College has worked with the amazing Ukrainian community to make this festival an event to remember.

We’re incredibly proud of them and hope you’ll take the time to enjoy this very moving and inspirational video.

Eurovision – Final Rehearsal

As guests of Culture Liverpool, Jan Schofield and two of our Ukrainian students, Diana Almselm and Evangelina Zamula, joined Rev. Dr. Taras Khomych at the M&S Arena on Saturday for the final rehearsals of Eurovision’s main event.

Evangelina – who proudly wore her Ukrainian national dress – and the group,  soaked up the arena’s electrifying atmosphere, and also enjoyed the live performances of twenty-six finalists as they prepared for the dazzling night of entertainment, which was watched by millions of Eurovision fans from around the world.

Ukrainian Tasting Menu @ The Academy Restaurant –  April

On 20th April, we hosted an incredible Eurovision-themed tasting menu event at The Academy Restaurant at our Duke Street campus. This exclusive seven-course menu, where each course was inspired by a country linked to Eurovision success, was extremely popular with our guests. The full menu was prepared by the College’s talented hospitality students, under the expert guidance of specialist teaching staff.

‘European Wine meet British Cheese’ @ The Academy Restaurant – April

Guests were taken on a delectable journey around the UK, tasting a selection of first-class cheeses from across the counties of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In collaboration with the renowned Liverpool Cheese Company, our budding connoisseurs were invited to taste and explore four cheeses from each of the country’s independent cheese producers, served with an array of artisan accompaniments, and paired with a European wine chosen to complement and enhance the cheese.

The event, which was hosted by the College’s talented hospitality students, under the expert guidance of specialist teaching staff, was a great success in what turned out to be a fun, relaxing evening for all involved!

Easter Egg Virtual Showcase: Chocolate Extravaganza

As part of our Eurovision preparations over the last few months, three members of the Ukrainian community visited our specialist patisserie students to talk about Ukraine and how much Easter means in their country. The students produced decorative eggs to showcase in a virtual gallery during this celebratory period.

The eggs are currently on display in John Lewis, Liverpool ONE. Make sure you pop in to see their masterpieces for yourself!

Expressive Arts & Media Academy student performances @ Salthouse Dock & Chavasse Park

As part of the Eurovision celebrations, our amazing performing arts students take part in a series of exciting performances on the floating platforms at Salthouse Dock and Chavasse Park on the following days:

Salthouse Dock:

Chavasse Park:

Come along and see some amazing performances and support our students! No tickets needed.

While you’re there, keep an eye out for artwork from our Creative Arts & Fashion students and Students’ Union on display nearby. They’ll be decorating pebbles close to the arena in the form of a giant sunflower!

Completed artwork ready to view from 12th May.

HNC Fashion – Eurovision-themed Project – 24 April onwards


Our HNC Fashion students finalised their Eurovision-themed project on Friday 20th April, designing and producing twelve garments based on the theme of Eurovision. They were encouraged to be bold with their creations and the results look incredible!

One of the students produced a fully sustainable costume for the project. His initial design research took him to charity shops in the local area, looking at shape and fabrics. He bought several samples which he went on to deconstruct and use as patterns. Old newspapers were utilised to make his pattern blocks and recycled buttons were used to accessorise. The student’s final garments are constructed from old curtains, from which the lining was removed to make his initial toiles (test version of a garment before a designer makes it in the real fabric).

A number of the garments are now on display at the British Music Experience and John Lewis (ground floor), Liverpool ONE, please do pop in to have a look at the amazing results! Take pictures, and don’t forget to tag us on social media – @colcollege!

The City of Liverpool College Egg Trail

Based on the theme of Eurovision, students at each of our five college campuses decorated a huge egg to go on display in each reception areas. The eggs all took on a 3D shape, with the form crafted in metal at our Construction and Engineering site on Vauxhall Road!

The Students’ Union, welding, art & design, academic studies and travel & tourism students decorated the eggs, which are approximately 1.5m x 1m in size, and will remain on display during the lead up to and throughout Eurovision.

Find out more about Culture Liverpool’s Eurovision Egg Trail project with local primary schools here, which was the inspiration behind this Students’ Union-led activity.

British Music ExperienceDate TBC

This half-day taster event is followed by a Q&A session with business executives from the industry as well as with people connected with Eurovision. The College will attend the event to promote its full range of courses.Keep an eye out for further details!

Eurovision Legacy Arts Festival: 9 – 11 May

The College’s Arts Centre will host a school arts festival during week commencing 8th May. Schools will create a piece of artwork, dance, acting, music, film or digital creation to be showcased in the theatre and gallery at the Arts Centre in the run up to Eurovision. The pieces will all be created under one theme, ‘Eurovision United’, and bring together primary, secondary and other FE providers in an extravaganza of culture and the arts, celebrating Liverpool, Eurovision and Ukraine’s story.

College staff and students have offered the use of workshops and other college facilities to support the creation of the final piece of work and support the process, were required. The aim is to bring together young people from across the city to celebrate the power of Eurovision and its music, by uniting nations through the Arts. The Royal Court Theatre Group will also support the event, through its young people from the organisation participating alongside school pupils and our College students.

Each day, students from schools across the region will take part in workshops and rehearsals, then perform as part of a show in the Arts Centre theatre that night.

Community Visual Arts Mural

As part of Eurovision’s Legacy Arts Festival, the College reached out to Art departments in local schools across the city with an invitation for pupils to conjure up different images of the nightingale – the emblem of Ukraine – in all its forms.

Staff and students from the school of Creative Arts and Fashion have used these images to create a little piece of magic in the form of a huge visual arts mural entitled ‘Welcome to Liverpool’. This goes on display in School Lane (Liverpool ONE) this week and is a true collaboration between the College and young people from across the city.

Why not pop along and see it for yourself, and don’t forget to tag us on social media – @colcollege!

Visitor Economy Careers Event – 26 April

We welcomed pupils from across the city to our Duke Street campus on 26th April. They had the opportunity to take part in a number of practical workshops,       alongside inspirational talks from influential employers working within the Visitor Economy sector.

We were delighted to host the next generation of talent and inspire young minds to think about their futures in this exciting industry!

Creative Industry Careers Events – Wed 10 & Thurs 11 May

COLC Arts Centre Front Shot

The Arts Centre is set to host a series of careers events for young people interested in the Creative and Digital sector (9 & 10 May).

Pupils engage in several practical workshops with specialist staff in Creative Graphics Design, Photography and Digital IT. They’ll also take part in presentations by creative entrepreneurs from the Creative and Digital industry, followed by a Q&A session with the employers about specific careers and pathways in their sector.

Backstage Careers Events @ The Everyman – Tuesday 23 May

Join us to explore a careers event for young people interested in a career as a ‘Backstage’ professional.

The event features a number of practical workshops alongside inspirational talks from influential employers working within in a back stage career. Students will have the chance to work with specialist staff in Theatrical Make-Up, Costume & Set design, Lighting and Sound & participate in a tour of The Everyman Theatre.

The day is divided into a number of practical workshops and attendees will have the opportunity to select 2 of the 4 workshops (see below) and will attend in either the morning or the afternoon session. The students will enjoy presentations from creative entrepreneurs and have the opportunity to ask questions about specific careers and pathways.

Attendees are required to book in advance of the event and to arrive on time. To book a place or find out more, contact Colette Whelan,

The City of Liverpool College – In the News!

Culture Liverpool – College hosts Eurovision events in lead up to big day day

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Secret Liverpool – Eurovision Theme Evening at Academy Restaurant

Capital Liverpool talk about City of Liverpool College hosting a Ukraine-themed event.
Capital Liverpool talk about City of Liverpool College hosting a Ukraine-themed event.

Link to Capital News tweet

To stay ahead of things happening in and around the City, here’s your guide to all things Eurovision!

The new Visit Liverpool/Eurovision mobile app is now live. It’s got everything you need to get the best Eurovision + Liverpool experience.

Download on App Store/Google Play

Digital version of Eurovision Visitor Guide

The City of Liverpool College Recruitment Fair

Thurs 27 April: 4.30-6.30pm – Roscoe Street (L1 9DW)


Meet the College’s HR Recruitment team at the Learning Exchange Café in Roscoe Street on Thurs 27th April from 4.30 – 6.30pm.

Heads of School and hiring managers from across the College will be in attendance to speak to staff, students and external visitors about current and upcoming permanent vacancies, bank staff opportunities and recruitment across the College.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the opportunities available, please join us on the night. No need to register, just turn up!

If you can’t make it to the event but would like further details, email:

Check out our current vacancies HERE


Students celebrate first RISE programme awards in mental health and wellbeing


Congratulations to a group of students from across the college curriculum who were awarded certificates after completing the first ever ten-week RISE Resilience programme last week.

This positive psychology course was created by former educator and positive psychologist, Liz Folan, to help students who feel overwhelmed with everyday life and studies find ways to overcome their stress and anxiety and to ultimately flourish.

Over the course of the programme, students are taught coping techniques and equipped with actionable tips and workable psychological tools to help navigate life’s challenges and become the best version of themselves they can be.

Liz said: “The results have been phenomenal! Students have reported improved self-esteem, relationships, motivation and overall mental wellbeing, as well as a significant decrease in negative emotions such as self-criticism and worry.  They have also found strategies to reduce their critical inner voice, which has resulted in a marked improvement in attendance and engagement, alongside a renewed passion for their academic courses.”

The RISE Resilience programme is expected to sign up a new group of students in the near future.

Quotes from students who completed the programme

“I enjoy learning new things and wanted to feel better about myself, as I feel low by myself in this country with nobody to talk to. Liz gave me advice about that and to wake up and be strong, healthy, taught me how to reach my goals, and that nothing can stop you. I feel much better about myself as a person, with a stronger mindset and like nothing will hold me back now. I will work hard to be where I need to be.”

“I learned loads of stuff about Mindfulness, the way our brains trick us into believing negative thoughts that aren’t true, the neuroscience behind it and much more. But the most important thing I learned is what my character strengths are – before RISE, I never even realized that I am a very forgiving person, and I probably wouldn’t have recognized it in myself without RISE! I also find it easier to spot the good things in my life now; what I’m doing right, instead of obsessing over the negatives. In my experience, RISE helps cultivate a positive outlook on life, which is so invaluable.”

Former student in final line-up of Ramsay’s Next Level Chef TV Show

We caught up with former student, Tobias (Toby) Caswell-Jones to find out more about his life and work since graduating from the professional cookery course at The City of Liverpool College in 2022. He gives us the background on what led up to him securing a place on Gordon Ramsay’s popular ITV1 show, Next Level Chef, which came to our screens on Wed 11th January.

When it all started

“Growing up, I always enjoyed cooking; I wasn’t particularly good at it, but I enjoyed it. It always intrigued me how chefs could just look at ingredients and create such huge amounts of flavour. My mother worked in a bakery for a long time, and my grandmother spend most of her working life in a bakery. As it turns out, my grandfather was a chef in the Merchant Navy, and the entirety of my dad’s side of the family are chefs in Ireland. So, unbeknownst to me, cooking was in my blood!

“It was really at the first tick of the COVID pandemic that I started cooking more and more frequently, and I found that once I put my head into it I was pretty good! It was then I decided that I wanted to cook, and applying to college was the next step.

Studying at the College 

“I decided that with only bar management on my CV, the best way to prove to a kitchen that I can cook – and I wasn’t just some time-wasting kid – was to attain a qualification in cooking. I chose to do an NVQ 2 in Professional Cookery. Little did I know how much I would truly learn about food and the inner workings of kitchens while doing my course, and this little bite extra to what I was expecting is what pushed me to do my Level 3. To be able to learn new dishes and techniques, some that I’d never even heard of, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The College developed my repertoire and knowledge by amounts I can’t even measure. If it wasn’t for the Level 3 course, I wouldn’t be the chef I am today.

“Cementing the basic techniques of roux-based sauces, together with the knowledge of what it takes to create flavour in the Level 2, is what mattered most. A plate can look pretty and be ‘instagrammable’ but if it doesn’t taste of anything then it’s pointless. Flavour is the number one priority when creating food, and that’s what the college taught me. Then, following on with the Level 3 and learning more complex dishes, such as the knack of creating a good jus, and dispatching of lobster and crab, as well as being given the opportunity to work with lots of interesting ingredients, put me ahead of most chefs my age – even if I’ve only worked with ingredients once before, it gave me an advantage over someone who had never worked with them before! All the tutors on the cooking course really saw my potential and wanted to nurture me into the chef I am now, the passion these staff have for the next generation of chefs is admirable, they want to see us succeed, and to be able to give them that is an honour.”

The Journey so far

“Since finishing College, I went on to become Sous Chef of the two-rosette restaurant, Mustard and Co., in Crosby. But I will say that to progress so quickly is something that wouldn’t have happened without hard work, determination, and sheer willpower. But having the knowledge that College taught me, did put me ahead of the mark, and allowed me to express my capabilities in the kitchen; giving me the freedom to do what I want to do. I currently work in Queens, Liverpool’s new wine bar and bistro, where we do absolutely everything properly and from scratch. It’s with great thanks that I was set up with the best advice from my tutors about commercial kitchens and the ins and outs of the industry, that I couldn’t have done so much in such a short time.”

Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Next Level Chef’ TV show

“Having the opportunity to compete and participate in Next Level Chef was an opportunity I will never forget, nor will I ever take for granted. To have the chance to be mentored personally by the biggest chef in the industry, Gordon Ramsay; his former protégé and starred chef himself, Paul Ainsworth; and American powerhouse Nyesha Arrington. It’s something I’m never going to forget.

“I learnt so much on my journey of Next Level Chef. From going into the competition with a lot of imposter syndrome, to coming out on the other side with a whole new sense of confidence and encouragement in my cooking ability, has transformed me both as a chef and as a person. An experience like Next Level Chef has transformed me. Thanks to Gordon, Paul, and Nyesha, I can finally cook the way I wanted to, and I have the faith and knack in myself to be able to cook in such a way.

“To anyone who is thinking of an opportunity laying in front of them, I implore you to take it. It was a fleeting moment, but taking that first step into Next Level Chef was the best thing I could’ve done for myself, and I encourage any young person to do the same.”

Advice/tips for current or aspiring students who want to get into cookery

“To anyone thinking of taking the culinary course at the College, I’d tell you to do it; and do it right now! Many people in the industry tell you that “you don’t need college” and that you “learn everything you need on the job”, but I can tell you now, that is not the case. There is a reason why I am where I am in such a short period of time, and that is definitely, in part, with thanks to the college, along with a lot of determination. You gain so much that you wouldn’t otherwise have learnt, and that expansive repertoire helps you tenfold in the industry.

“To current students at the College, what I must tell you is keep going. It’s hard work being in the industry; there are lots of downs, many issues, and a lot of adversity you’ll have to overcome; but at the end of it all, it definitely is worth it. The food industry is the backbone of society, and being able to give an amazing experience to everyone who walks through those doors is an honour and a gift. Everything works out, so keep going, listen to your tutors—they know a lot more than any chef I’ve worked under – and enjoy the experience while you can.

Plans for the future

Plans going forward, I hope to keep cooking great food for customers who appreciate it. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, cook food. In my current position at Crosby Wine Bar and Bistro, I’m allowed to cook the way I want to cook and cook using great ingredients and produce.

The main goal is to become a Head Chef within the next few years, and be able to put my own personal mark on the Liverpool food scene, and perhaps even a mark on the UK, but as long as I’m serving tasty, heart-warming food that’s all that matters.♦

Link to information about the Next Level Chef show 



College Partner donates Industry Logbooks to Electrical Students

Members of The City of Liverpool College’s Construction team welcomed visitors from Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) to the Vauxhall Road centre on Wednesday 11 January 2023 to present students on the electrical course with a valuable hand-held Regulations logbook. This important item will support these learners on their journey to professional status.

Steve McGreevy, Head of Construction at the College said: “We would like to thank our College partner, ECA, for donating key resources to our Electrical students. The Regulations books will not only be of huge benefit to our students during their studies at the College, but also prepare them for the world of work. This is a fantastic gesture from ECA and we look forward to enjoying our continued collaboration, along with the positive impact this will have in supporting our students.”

ECA is the main trade association for companies involved in electro-technical and other technical engineering projects in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. It provides support and advice to its members on health and safety, standards, skills, technical issues and employment, and works closely with other regulatory bodies to establish a safe and efficient industry.

Jim Johnson, Northwest Regional Manager at ECA, said: “It was my pleasure today alongside Mark Giardelli of McGoff & Vickers, Shaun McAteer from Actaeon Solutions Group and Luke Burns from City Electrical Factors to present The City of Liverpool College students with 44 new 18th Edition Regs books that will hopefully aid them in their studies to become Electricians. This is the second phase in our working partnership with the College, following our very successful collaboration with Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) in taking 60+ students to the NEC Birmingham to attend Solar & Storage Event, which showcased the future of the Electrical & Mechanical working landscape and where the students working journey may take them.

“ECA and MCS and their partners will continue to support The City of Liverpool College students on their exciting industry journey.”

College Launches New Support Service for its University Centre Students

This week our Wellbeing and Welfare Team are launching a valuable new service for our University Centre students. ‘HE Student Help’ will provide an innovative Social Prescribing approach that connects students with non-clinical support both inside and outside the College. The service aims to develop preventative strategies and improve mental health outcomes for students at our University Centre, helping them to successfully engage in their studies and careers.

What is HE Student Help?

HE Student Help is a free and confidential service to help students improve their health and wellbeing. The service will allow the College to support students in referrals to services such as: finance, NHS, community groups, support groups, mental health support, housing.

Who is it for?

The service is for HE students and can support any students who:

What can students expect?

An advisor from the College will introduce themselves and offer an appointment. The student’s first appointment will be one hour long and entail the advisor listening to their needs. The advisor will then offer suggestions on appropriate support based on what matters to the student.

How can students access support?

HE students can access support by self-referring to or completing a Microsoft Form found on the College’s student intranet site.


VIEW campaign launch poster