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17th June 2020

Black Lives Matter





You will all be aware of recent significant events that have taken place in response to the killing of George Floyd. The Black Lives Matter movement has drawn attention to racial injustice and brought into sharp focus the persistent presence of ongoing racism in our global society. We do not accept what has happened and expect change to come from recent events.

The City of Liverpool College is incredibly proud of our diverse population and we are committed to providing and improving opportunities in any way we can for our students and staff regardless of their background, race, gender, sexuality or ability. The college has made a strong and meaningful commitment to inclusivity but the past few weeks have shown us that we can do more and that this is the time to step forward and ask ourselves some uncomfortable questions.

Education is a powerful remedy to discrimination and poverty and we have a responsibility to be part of the solution and to fight racism in education and other parts of society. Our expectations must rise and we must help to build a better world faster. We will continue to embed equality and diversity across the college but with increased vigour and will be working with student representatives, staff and external agencies to plan what more we can do going forward to bring about lasting change.

This moment can be inspiring for us but also painful for those that have suffered and continue to suffer the impact of racism in society. We know many of you will be deeply affected by the social injustices being brought to light. We are here to support you so please speak to a member of our student support team on 0151 252 3733 or email 

We have compiled a list of resources which you may find helpful at this time.


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