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7th June 2021

Carers Week and National Young Carers Day 2021

This week is Carers Week, an annual event that raises awareness of caring, highlighting the challenges that unpaid carers face and recognising their contribution to families and communities throughout the UK. On Tuesday 8th June we also recognise National Young Carers Day.

It is estimated that there are currently more than six million unpaid carers in Britain who are looking after a parent, partner or family member, and many of these are young people.

We’re proud to have many young carers currently studying at the college, as well as many who have graduated and progressed into successful and rewarding careers over the years.



Our teaching and dedicated support team of safeguarding, mental health and wellbeing professionals work hard to ensure that being a carer doesn’t prevent young people from accessing an education and opportunities that our college provides. The college is also working towards the Carer’s Federation quality standard in Carer Support for Young Adult Carers.

We have a number of events taking place throughout the week aimed at raising awareness of the role young carers play and support those carers who are currently studying with us at the college. The events are free to attend, so come and say hi…


Day Event Times Venue
Monday Barnardo’s – Young carers college stand All day LEX
Wednesday Sefton Young carers events:

– Student support session

– Staff awareness session







Thursday Meditation session for young carers 10am-11am & 2pm-3pm The Arts Centre – room G26
Friday Barnardo’s – Young carers college drop-in All day The Arts Centre


“Being a young carer can be a daunting, scary but deeply rewarding role. The people you look up to and seek guidance from now need you to help them. It can make you grow up quickly; it can feel too quickly at times. For me, it felt like the family dynamics had changed; parenting the parent as it were. There were a lot of changes and we struggled, but we got through it as a family. A good sense of humour, resilience and love got us through some really dark times.

“A good support network and communication helped us through it, and will help you too, whether it’s friends, family, or specialist organisations like Barnados. Without the support of others, I would have struggled a lot during my A-Levels. Caring for a parent can be emotionally demanding as well as demanding on your time. So, sticking as much as possible to a routine was crucial in my education. Having teachers and other staff who were understanding of my situation also gave me the breathing room I needed to produce the best work I could.

“With their support, things can get better. You should never feel guilty for any of the emotions you feel, positive or negative, we are all human. Always talk about your feelings and don’t carry this alone, each out because I know you may be scared or angry. Yes, angry, it’s ok to feel that too. Things can get better, and you are doing an amazing job and I’m sure the person you are caring for thinks you are an amazing person for doing what you are for them.”

– Young carer and former college student.


If you’d like to access further resources for young carers, please click here.

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