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2nd December 2022

College Healthcare Cadets perform lifesaving treatment

One of the biggest challenges facing the NHS today is the workforce crisis. With constant pressures and chronic shortages, the number of nurses leaving the NHS has continued to rise over recent years.

But as far as recruitment of new workers to the sector is concerned, two of our L3 NHS Healthcare Cadets are hoping to make a positive contribution to the latest figures, since their random call to action had such life-changing results.

Long time friends, Madison Baker and Lauren Bullock (pictured above), were returning from a stint at this year’s London Marathon, when they were approached in Euston Station by someone clearly in distress.

To find out more, we caught up with our teenage heroes, in between their busy schedules on placement at Liverpool’s Royal Hospital and volunteering with St John’s ambulance at various high-profile events.  

Tell us what happened at the station on the eventful day in question?

Maddie said: “As we waited for our train back to Liverpool we were approached for help because a man had collapsed on the platform. As we rushed to the scene it was clear he was very unwell and we assessed him immediately. We tested his level of alertness to pain and recorded his GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) – this measures a person’s consciousness and how we should treat them.” 

Lauren said: “We identified that the patient was in a state of shock due to blue lips and a very pale complexion. This was very worrying but we knew how to help due to our training from both our studies at the College and through our current work placements.” 

What did you do next?

Maddie said: “Once we’d wheeled the patient into the station’s first aid room, we had the added problem that all first aid boxes were locked, so we had to think on our feet and perform observations manually to further assess his condition.” 

Lauren said: “We performed observations and measured respiration counts. We noticed that the patient’s pulse was very weak, which was a worrying sign in addition to extremely low blood pressure. This was followed by intense chest and arm pain which signified the beginning of a potential heart attack.”  

What happened then?

Maddie said: “Luckily, the ambulance crew arrived extremely quickly, so we helped get the patient into the ambulance and liaised with the crew to relay our information and observations before they rushed him off to hospital.” 

How did you feel about the help you had given?

Lauren said: “We’re very thankful that we were there to come to the patient’s assistance whilst waiting for the ambulance crew, and hope we made a big difference to the patient’s recovery.” 

What effect has this had on your future career plans? 

Maddie said: “This incident has confirmed my goal of wanting to become a paramedic – being able to help someone in their time of need is very rewarding.” 

Lauren added: “I also would like to continue my training to become a paramedic and to continue to help make a difference in people’s lives. We’re really enjoying studying at the College as well as gaining hands-on practical skills on our real world placements.” 

Tanya Dawson, course tutor on the L3 NHS Healthcare Cadets course, said: “We are very proud of Maddie and Lauren and are pleased these young cadets were able to call on the knowledge they’ve gained from both their college course and professional placement.

“Work experience is an invaluable part of the programme as it allows our young professionals in training to take the skills learnt and put them into practice, so they are work-ready for the career they’ve chosen to pursue.” ♦

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