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22nd July 2021

The City of Liverpool College has introduced a brand new course, specialising in afro-textured hair, in response to a lack of knowledge across the industry and as part of the College’s work towards diversity and inclusion across its curriculum. 

The course, called ‘The Artistry of Afro Textured Hair’, which has been designed by Teaching Assistant Michaela Hall, previous City of Liverpool College student, follows the news that all UK hairdressers now have to be trained in cutting and styling afro-textured hair.

Currently, many qualifications do not require students and apprentices to be trained in cutting and styling Afro and textured hair, which means some people have to seek specialist salons and stylists for a simple hair cut. Through this new course, The City of Liverpool College will provide its students with the specialist skills they need to cut and style afro-textured hair, creating more skilled hairdressers and improving inclusion across the industry. 



The 12-week, Level 3 course – which has been in the making since last summer – begins in September and will teach students practical skills and theory, covering everything from the cultural, social and technological influences on the industry as well as cutting, styling and finishing. 

Michaela Hall, Teaching Assistant at The City of Liverpool College, who is currently studying for her PGCE teacher training, said: 

“Textured hair comes in many forms and so often hairdressers simply don’t have the skills and knowledge to be able to work with it. When I identified the need for the course, having found that nothing similar fitted the bill in the North West, the College was really supportive and allowed me to lead the project and design it from start to finish, using my knowledge and experience of what I would have wanted to gain from a course like this.  

“There will be lots to learn, from the science behind the strands to the unique curl patterns. Students will gain the in-depth knowledge and skills to give them the tools they need, whether they want to work in the industry as a professional stylist in editorial, in magazines, in film and TV, own their own salon, or even just understand more to be able to do their own hair or their children’s hair. 

“Leading this course gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on our communities and make a change in our society as a whole, and I’m really excited for our students to help do the same.” 

To find out more and apply for The City of Liverpool College’s Artistry of Afro Textured Hair course, visit: 

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