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26th March 2021

College students help to raise funds for Leonard Cheshire

Our Pathways learners have produced a very special notebook as part of a Leonard Cheshire ‘Can Do’ programme for individuals aged 10-35 with a disability or long-term health condition.

The books are on sale at the college and are already proving very popular. Money raised from the sale of the books will provide much needed funds for Leonard Cheshire, a charity that supports disabled people in the UK and around the world.


Well-Being Student Notebook


The notebooks have been designed to help people feel more positive. They contain uplifting quotes and photographs of things that have helped the students get through lockdown. It includes a message from the students that reads:

“We have made this book to help people feel more positive. Inside are photographs we have taken that show what helped us to get through lockdown. There are also photos of things that make us feel happy, things that we missed during lockdown and things that we are looking forward to in a life after lockdown. We hope this book will lift your spirits.”

The notebooks are currently available to purchase in the college’s Learning Resource Centres (LRCs). To find out more about Leonard Cheshire’s Can Do programme, click here, or to learn about our Pathways Employability Skills courses, click here.

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