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1st May 2020

Meet the College graduate behind new Liverpool magazine, Rattle

At The City of Liverpool College we love hearing about what our former students are getting up to,  one of whom is Elliot, who graduated from our NCTJ (The National Council for the Training of Journalists) course three years ago. Since then, Elliot has been working as a freelance journalist and previously worked as Content Manager for the Baltic Triangle, and Deputy Editor of Coney’s Loft. In May, Elliot will be launching an exciting new Liverpool-based magazine called Rattle. Here’s what Elliot had to say:


Firstly, what made you apply for an NCTJ place at The City of Liverpool College?


“I was considering doing another Master’s Degree and had a few interviews regarding a Journalism MA. My last one was at Media City and the lecturer there advised me that I didn’t need a Journalism MA; I needed an NCTJ. 

“After researching this course and its comparative worth to the MA, I decided it was best to do the NCTJ. After interviewing at The City of Liverpool College and meeting course tutor, Alice Walker, my mind was made up.”


What have you been up to since graduation?


“A year before I started the NCTJ, I had already decided I wanted to be a working writer. I had been working in Theatre as a scriptwriter and had decided that my passion for writing should be reconfigured from a ‘hobby’ to a profession. I had originally wanted to be a journalist so once i made my decision I sought out some freelance work in journalism and digital marketing. 

“This was a great experience and I learned a lot – especially about the digital world.  I was managing content for websites as well as looking after the social media accounts and got to meet a lot of great people.”


Could you tell us about your recent venture with Rattle?


“Rattle is a magazine that we will be launching in May 2020. It is an independent print and online publication that will address the social, political and cultural life of contemporary Liverpool. Our soft digital launch is 1st May and we will then be going to print this summer. 




“The name came about after a year of terrible, terrible false starts. Honestly, we went through about 20 names – each more cringe worthy and awful than the last until one day, I locked myself in a shed and tried to come up with something that defined the magazine. I realised we wanted to rattle a few cages and boom! The name was born.”


What did you enjoy most about your time at the City of Liverpool College?


“Each NCTJ cohort seems to be a tight bunch and ours was no different. I have made life-long friends and that really was the most valuable aspect. The tutors were also great, and their guidance and experience was invaluable and has held me in good stead.”


How do you feel the NCTJ course prepared you for the workplace?


“The course is good preparation for the workplace in that it teaches you how to operate as a working journalist. The video journalism model I found particularly interesting and that has been very useful in the outside world.”


Tell us about speaking at the NTCJ conference?


“Naturally, as one of the greatest students in the history of the NCTJ qualification, I was head hunted by the conference organisers and asked whether I could use my incredible oratory powers to inspire not only a new generation of journalists, but to also enlighten the older heads with my command and expertise in the latest innovations.



“On a serious note, though, I got to meet a lot of people working in journalism and those aspiring to do so, which was fantastic.  I was delighted to share a small part of my experiences with them.”


Any advice for people interested in a career in Journalism or the various roles you’ve worked in?


“Enjoy every part of the learning process and the journey as a whole. Good luck!”


We’d like to say a huge thank you to Elliot for taking the time to talk about his experiences and wish him all the best with the launch of Rattle.

If you’re interested in a career in Journalism, or would like to find out more about our role as the North West’s only NCTJ accredited course provider, click here.

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