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9th February 2021

Why Apprenticeships Are Good For Business: National Apprenticeship Week 2021

By Sophie Park, Director of Workforce Skills at The City of Liverpool College

The latest lockdown is already having an impact on the future career prospects of so many people. In particular, young people who are starting out in their careers are at risk of suffering setbacks that can have an impact for many years – we all know getting started in a career can be personally challenging at the best of times.

We also know that young people tend to work in the worst-affected sectors — restaurants, hotels, shops, travel. All of this means we must do what we can to help our economy and those who are starting out in their careers or who have lost their jobs, to build back better. At The City of Liverpool College, by working with our business partners, we’re committed to doing just that.



With this month’s National Apprenticeship Week, now is the time for businesses to be more proactive in taking on apprentices. Apprenticeships are not only beneficial, they are also essential for any organisation looking to have a vibrant learning culture and a workforce linked to its future business strategy. Apprenticeships unlock the potential of people at all stages of their careers, and that’s a game-changer for any business.

Now, we’re seeing the Government recognise this by doing more than ever to encourage businesses to take on apprentices, with the introduction of apprenticeship standards, the apprenticeship levy and new T level qualifications offering businesses an opportunity to bring more people into their sectors. The Government’s Apprentice Scheme is also offering employers a cash incentive of £1,500 per apprentice taken on.

Businesses too are getting wise to the benefits that apprentices bring, with big players such as Amazon recently announcing that it is recruiting more than 1,000 apprentices in the UK, across 25 different employment areas ranging from IT, safety technicians and software engineering to creative digital design and robotics.



At The City of Liverpool College, we work with our business partners to find the apprentices that are the right fit for them, to help them grow their business and bridge the skills gap. By working with us to build a skilled workforce, businesses can guarantee a greater foothold in an increasingly competitive workforce marketplace and attract talent that demonstrates the highest potential for success.

We want the businesses that we collaborate with to get the most out of the partnership, and we work closely with them to ensure that they attract and retain the individuals with the skills and expertise that are most relevant to their organisation.

By investing in their people and their qualifications and skills, businesses are equipping themselves to build high-performing teams to drive their business forward and boost long-term employee retention.


“Our bespoke apprenticeship programme enables us to develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. This helps with workforce planning and allows us to mold and shape our leaders for the future.”

– Chloe Ellison, The Sovini Group.


Apprenticeships and training of the very highest calibre play a vital role, not just for businesses, but also for the economy to help people and businesses thrive, and I would encourage our region’s businesses to consider how they could benefit. Our talented people, with their desire and determination to learn, hold the key to boosting businesses in the region.

The most effective firms are the ones who have a motivated, highly skilled and trained workforce and we are committed to investing in, and nurturing, the talent in our city. We work with employers from across the country to build trusted connections with the workforce of the future.

If you would like to find out more about how your business could benefit from apprenticeships, contact

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