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#COLC has the role for you!

All candidates will be appointed based on relevant qualifications, experience and skills and whoever is most suited to the role.

For any assistance within your recruitment journey at The City of Liverpool College please contact our recruitment team at:

#COLC has the role for you!

Pre-employment Checks

(Reference information from Application section)

When you receive your conditional offer letter it will outline all required checks that need to be complete before an unconditional offer is confirmed. You will be sent a separate link to complete onboarding documentation online, and a further DBS link if a new DBS is required.

These checks consist of:

  1. Identification – we will require a valid identification document for your right to work within the UK. We would ask that at least either your right to work, or another identification document has your photograph on. A right to work document will either be: UK Passport, EU valid RTW with verification code, UK birth certificate or a Biometric Residence Permit. We also ask for two forms of proof of address.
  2. Enhanced Children’s Bar Check DBS – you will be required to declare any convictions or cautions.
  3. Qualification – certificates if applicable to the post you have been appointed for.
  4. Professional registration – will be checked if applicable to the post you have been appointed for.
  5. References – we will be required to request references covering the last 3-5 years of employment or education history. This must include your most recent or current employment.
  6. Occupational Health – if you declare a health condition you will be required to complete an online OH questionnaire which is then shared with our OH department. The team then may contact you directly to discuss.

The recruitment team will keep track of where you are up to within the checks and ensure reminders are sent if and when required.


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