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9th February 2023

Students celebrate first RISE programme awards in mental health and wellbeing


Congratulations to a group of students from across the college curriculum who were awarded certificates after completing the first ever ten-week RISE Resilience programme last week.

This positive psychology course was created by former educator and positive psychologist, Liz Folan, to help students who feel overwhelmed with everyday life and studies find ways to overcome their stress and anxiety and to ultimately flourish.

Over the course of the programme, students are taught coping techniques and equipped with actionable tips and workable psychological tools to help navigate life’s challenges and become the best version of themselves they can be.

Liz said: “The results have been phenomenal! Students have reported improved self-esteem, relationships, motivation and overall mental wellbeing, as well as a significant decrease in negative emotions such as self-criticism and worry.  They have also found strategies to reduce their critical inner voice, which has resulted in a marked improvement in attendance and engagement, alongside a renewed passion for their academic courses.”

The RISE Resilience programme is expected to sign up a new group of students in the near future.

Quotes from students who completed the programme

“I enjoy learning new things and wanted to feel better about myself, as I feel low by myself in this country with nobody to talk to. Liz gave me advice about that and to wake up and be strong, healthy, taught me how to reach my goals, and that nothing can stop you. I feel much better about myself as a person, with a stronger mindset and like nothing will hold me back now. I will work hard to be where I need to be.”

“I learned loads of stuff about Mindfulness, the way our brains trick us into believing negative thoughts that aren’t true, the neuroscience behind it and much more. But the most important thing I learned is what my character strengths are – before RISE, I never even realized that I am a very forgiving person, and I probably wouldn’t have recognized it in myself without RISE! I also find it easier to spot the good things in my life now; what I’m doing right, instead of obsessing over the negatives. In my experience, RISE helps cultivate a positive outlook on life, which is so invaluable.”

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