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9th June 2021

True Colours: college students form new LGBTQ+ group

In June, we celebrate Pride Month, an event dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ communities all around the world. We also celebrate the creation of a new group, put together by students at the college, which launches at the Learning Exchange on Thursday 10th June at 4:30pm – 5:30pm.

To tell us more, we speak to Jacob Reilly, a Creative Media Production student, who played a part in forming the group. Together with his fellow students, they’ve decided to name the group ‘True Colours’.

What have you enjoyed about your time at the college so far?

I have enjoyed being part of creating something that could possibly outlast my time at the college and that will help to support future LGTBQ+ students long after I’m gone.

What exactly is ‘True Colours’ and how did you get involved?

The True Colours social group has been created to provide a safe space for students, who fall under the LGBTQ+ bracket, to go and make friends. There have also been talks of us getting in guest speakers from the LGBTQ+ community in future meetings, so that should be something to look forward to.

I personally got involved as a way of coming to terms with my own sexuality, and to also help in the journey I’m going through in trying to accept it myself.

Where did the name for the group come from?

The name was created as a direct reference to the different colours featured within the pride flag, but also as a reference to what we hope this group will become, as showing your true colours is seen as being open and honest both with yourself and with others. By revealing your true colours, you are breaking down the facade used when you’re not in a safe space.



Why is it important to have this group?

It’s really important to have this group, to give people a place where they can feel comfortable being themselves, and not feel the need to hideaway.

What’s the college like when it comes to LGBTQ+?

In my personal experience the college is very inclusive when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community, it just needed this one thing which we are now focusing on through the Students’ Union.

What is the support network like for LGBTQ+ students?

The support network in the college is good, but we’re hoping it can become even better by adding this group as an extra network, to further support LGBTQ+ students.

What does pride mean to you?

Pride to me means being proud of who you are, and not being afraid to show it. A way of saying this is me and I’m happy with it.

How can other students get involved?

Other students can get involved by coming to our social group, the next one is Thursday 10th June at 4.30pm in the Learning Exchange (LEX), or by joining Microsoft Teams group.

The link below is for the Students’ Union’s Linktree, where you can access the Teams group. This is also accessible by scanning the QR code featured on posters around the college: 

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