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#COLC has the role for you!

All candidates will be appointed based on relevant qualifications, experience and skills and whoever is most suited to the role.

For any assistance within your recruitment journey at The City of Liverpool College please contact our recruitment team at:

#COLC has the role for you!

Your Application

To get started, you will need to complete an online application on our website. This is the first stage of the process, where you will provide key information about your skills, abilities and suitability for the specific role. The hiring manager will only see your application at this stage, and will not see your name or any other personal details. When the post is closed for applications, shortlisting will take place against the advertised criteria.

It is important not to rush your application, and to include as much detail as possible. Points to remember:

  1. Review the job specification when completing the application. You should include information relating to the key points in the job and ensure all information is accurate and honest.
  2. Supporting information is an important element of the application. This is where you are able to tell us about yourself and your skills and knowledge. This is also where you will state why the hiring manager and the college should choose you. The supporting information can also include any additional points which may not have been covered elsewhere in the application.
  3. Always review the application in full before submitting. Once submitted, you will not be able to alter or change parts of the application form.
  4. Please do not submit a second application. If you have any issues with the first, please contact our recruitment team
  5. Adverts may close sooner than the closing date if there are a high number of applications, please do not leave your application until last minute.

Whilst completing the application, please make sure you:

  1. Provide all details of education and qualifications you may hold.
  2. Provide full employment history (most recent being first).
  3. Provide any gaps in employment.

You will also be asked for reference information. References are not sent prior to interview and if you are successful in appointment we will let you know before we contact your referees..

Unfortunately, The City of Liverpool College is not able to sponsor any work permits. Full Right to Work (RTW) must be in place for employment at the college.

The City of Liverpool College has a duty to collate equality information on all applications received. The information you supply during this process is used for reporting only and is not made available at any point to the shortlisting or interview panels. Capturing this information helps us to consider how effective our policies on promoting equal opportunities and valuing diversity are. It will never be used to decide who will be offered the job.

We offer a guaranteed interview scheme for applicants who consider themselves to have a disability and who meet the essential criteria stipulated in the person specification. Declaring a disability is the only personal information the shortlisting or interview panel will openly see.

If you do consider yourself to be disabled, or have any long term health issues and require support in the application, attending interview or any tests as part of the selection process ,you can inform our recruitment team of any reasonable adjustments you need. This will enable us to support you in maximising your ability to gain employment with us.


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