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14th November 2023

Exciting News: The College leads the way to secure a £4.5 Million Boost for Skills Enhancement

We’re excited to share some wonderful news with you. Our college has been selected as one of forty institutions to benefit from the Government’s £165 million Local Skills Improvement Fund. Out of this, we’ve secured £4.5 million, which will be instrumental in shaping the future of the College.

Where the Money Goes

Of the total amount, £3.5 million will be directed towards capital projects. This includes essential improvements and securing advanced equipment to ensure our facilities are up to date and ready to meet the evolving needs of industry. Additionally, £1 million has been allocated for revenue projects, specifically targeting innovation in vocational training, aiding recruitment efforts, and fostering closer ties with employers.

Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP)

Our commitment extends beyond just our college walls. We’re proud to be at the forefront of implementing the priorities outlined in the City Region’s Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP), launched in June 2023. As the lead institution, we’ve crafted six strategic projects, focusing on areas like digital and green technologies such as Electric/Hybrid Vehicles, Hydrogen Technologies, and Solar & Renewable energy.

What else to Expect

In addition to upgrading our facilities, we’re establishing a central talent bank to connect employers with local talent. A Freeport Academy is in the works, alongside new, flexible training programs for employers. And, save the date for March 2024 – we’ll be hosting a skills summit for the Liverpool City Region in collaboration with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

A Shared Vision

This opportunity is a result of collaborative efforts across the FE sector. The Local Skills Improvement Fund project aligns seamlessly with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority skills strategy, focusing on enhancing access to training for the progression of the region’s workforce into technical and higher technical occupations, whilst also aiming to bolster the provision of digital skills, and enhancing the region’s competitiveness and productivity while striving to achieve its Net Zero targets.

This journey sees us joining hands with other forward-thinking institutions, all committed to shaping a brighter and more sustainable future through education and skills development. Together, we’re working toward creating thriving communities, resilient industries, and a workforce equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

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