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8th July 2022

Busting the myths around T Levels

From September, The City of Liverpool College will be rolling out T Levels across our campuses, spanning industries and careers including digital, construction and education.

T Level are a new, high quality technical qualifications for people aged 16-19, which combine classroom learning with a 45-day work placement. They have been designed to help young people develop the skills and knowledge needed to go on to employment or higher education, such as university.

Still in the early days of the roll out process, we’re debunking some of the misconceptions and myths around T Levels so you can make an informed decision when choosing your next steps.


  1. “T Levels are for people who aren’t academic”


T levels are for anyone who wants to get the skills they need to get a job in a variety of interesting and exciting industries.

T Levels still involve a large portion of academic study similarly to A Levels, however with T Levels, you’ll also gain real life experience of the industry you’re preparing for! Each module has been designed to reflect what is happening in your chosen industry right now and predicts trends for the future – equipping you with everything you need to enter the working world after your studies.


  1. “T Levels are rebranded BTECs”


While T Levels are replacing certain BTEC courses in some colleges and schools, there are significant differences between T levels and BTECs. The purpose is very similar, in that T Levels are designed to help you gain the skills needed for your chosen career, but they also have a much greater focus on work experience – like in an apprenticeship.

Effectively, T-Levels are the bridge between the two.

T Levels also differ from BTECs as they have been designed and developed with the help of industry professionals and crafted to the specific requirements of the industry. This means you will gain detailed and relevant information and insight that, once again, primes you for your first working day after graduation.


  1. “You can’t progress onto university with T Levels”


False. T Levels prepare you to progress into a skilled job, but they also provide you with the qualifications needed if you wish to pursue further education such as a degree or a Higher Apprenticeship.

One T Level is equivalent to three A-Levels, and granted you get the points needed for your chosen university, there is nothing stopping you from progressing into further education.



  1. “T Level students struggle to get a job”


Quite the opposite, in fact! T Levels are designed to meet the current and future needs of the job market, so having a T Level can actually make you more employable. As part of your T Level, you’ll spend 45 days (a total of nine weeks) with a business, gaining valuable industry experience alongside seasoned professionals, building your industry connections and networking with potential employers, further increasing your chances of employability post-study.

The placement allows you to put into practice the things you have learnt in the classroom and gives you the opportunity to further develop your skills and knowledge, take part in meaningful projects and business activities, and try out your potential career path. Having this hands-on experience will be highly attractive to many employers as the future world of work needs people with industry experience and knowledge.


  1. “T Levels are only for people who want to do a trade”


T Levels provide a pathway into many more careers than you’d expect – and not just in trades. For example, from September, the College will offer T Levels in Science, Adult Nursing , Digital Production Design and Development, Education and Childcare and Digital Support Services – alongside its trade offerings such as Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction.

Not to mention the long list of additional T Levels due to be released as the roll out phase continues, including Accounting, Management and Administration, Animal Care and Management, Lega Services and many more!


To browse our T Levels and start an application, click here.

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