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Clearing 2023

Clearing 2023 – Secure a place for September!

If you want to start a university–level course this September and have just completed a level 3 qualification, or have taken some time out and would like to pick up your studies, or want to work towards a career change, now is an ideal opportunity for you to apply to study with us!

What is Clearing?

Clearing is a great way to secure a place on a full-time university-level course for September. Full information on the clearing process can be found on the UCAS website

If you still want to apply for higher education, or if you have already applied but changed your mind about your choices,  you can use clearing to find a full-time course ready to start in September 2023. It’s not too late!

Clearing is run by UCAS and you can apply for any of our full-time courses as long as you don’t already hold an offer from another university or college.


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What You Need to Know

Who can apply through Clearing?

You will be eligible to apply for your chosen course through Clearing if:

  • you are applying after 30th June and any of options below apply
  • You want a place at a university but haven’t yet applied
  • You didn’t meet the conditions of the offers you received
  • You didn’t receive or accept any offers for a course from a university
  • You didn’t meet the conditions of your offers
  • You’ve declined your firm place because you changed your mind about your chosen course or location.
When can you apply through Clearing?

You don’t have to wait until results day to apply through Clearing. You can make an application to our University Centre through UCAS Clearing now, as long as you are not holding an offer from another university or college. You can also use clearing if you have changed your mind.

How do you apply through Clearing?

If you have already made an application through UCAS, you can track your application status to see if you are in Clearing. If you are, your Clearing Number will be shown – you will need this to make applications, so make a note of it. Take a look at our courses and if you are interested in a course, email

To add a Clearing choice, go to the ‘Your Choices’ section of Track and click ‘Add Clearing Choice’. Then enter the details of the course.

If you haven’t already made an application through UCAS, you can contact us for guidance on the next steps by emailing

What about part-time courses?

If you are looking to start a part time course, you can apply directly to the College here

Which courses have Clearing spaces?

We have a number of full and part-time places on our university-level courses, starting in September 2023. Take a look at what we offer here

Can I get some more advice?

Yes, you can! Our careers, advice and guidance team can talk to you about your options and help you progress successfully into further or higher education, employment or training.

You can find out more here, email or call 0151 252 3607.